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Facility Hire Rates

Single Groups

1.5-2 hours

Up to 2.5-3 hours

Consecutive Groups

2 x 1.5 hour groups

2 x 2 hour groups

2 x 2.5 hour groups

Hire for IDIs, and other usage


Hire After 23.00 hours

Weekend Hire

Additional Briefing/debriefing

Daytime Meeting

Daytime (until 4.30pm)







Daytime & Evening: £1260

£180 per hour

Charged at Evening Rates



Evening (Access from 5.00pm)








Hire charge includes:

  • Digital Audio and video recordings (static camera) via secure download link within 24 hours of session (USB provided on prior request)

  • FREE onsite parking (priority given to moderators and viewing clients)

  • Ground floor respondent waiting room

  • Spacious viewing room with large one-way mirror and audio relay (fully equipped, catering facilities, aircon) 

  • Light and airy discussion room, accomodates up to 10 in a variety of layouts incl informal discussion, boardroom etc

  • Laptop & 42" HD TV with HDMI connections to show stim materials - videos, presentations etc

  • Internet access

  • 30 minutes on either side of groups/interviews/meetings to set up and close down

  • All stationary... from flip chart pads to post-it notes!

  • Reasonable runs of black & white printing and copying 

  • A host to ensure everything runs smoothly for you, your client(s) and respondents throughout your booking

Audio Filming & Web-streaming Rates


  • Digital Audio and HD (Static) Video Filming

        Provided via a password-protected link sent within 24 hrs

        (USB format provided at the end of the session on prior request)

  • Additional Copies of recordings on USBs

  • Conversion to alternative file format

  • Professional Camera Operator and Equipment Hire

  • Hire of professional camera operator and equipment

Included in hire rate

£10 Each




TQL LIVE Web-streaming

  • Min charge / 2 x 1.5 hour sessions / 1 x 3 hour session

  • 2 x 2 hour sessions

  • Complete day & eve / maximum charge

Please contact us if the duration you require is not listed





Catering and Refreshment Rates

  • As a result of Covid-19 we have adapted our client and respondent catering options from traditional 'communal' food to individual packs and wrapped foods. We will be keeping these popular options for the forseeable future. 

  • A range of teas, coffees and still water are provided free of charge for viewing clients. Soft drinks are included as stated in the catering options below, with additional charged at the rate shown. With the takeaway option / where no catering option is selected, all soft drinks consumed are chargeable. Unless requested in advance, Beer and Wine are only available in the viewing room (rates shown below).


Breakfast Pack: A selection of muffins/pastries, fruit bar & water 

Individual Snack Pack:  A selection of savoury snacks/crisps,

cake/biscuits/fruit bar, water and choice of soft drink

Individual Sandwich Pack: A boxed sandwich with savoury snack,

cake/biscuit/bar water and can of soft drink

Children: Individual pack with savoury snack, biscuit/bar and


£6.00 per person

£6.00 per person

£9.45 per person


£4.50 per person


Breakfast: Selection of muffins/pastries/fruit and fruit juices

Cake / Snack Selection: A variety of cakes & biscuits, fruit bars, savoury snacks & fresh fruit.

Sandwiches: Selction of individually wrapped meat/vegetarian sandwiches/wraps/rolls, savoury snacks, cakes/biscuits/bars & fruit bowl & incl. unlimited soft drinks

Takeaway: Select the food of your choice from a wide variety of locally based restaurants using a delivery app, assisted by your host.

Wine (Red/White/Rose)

Beer / Lager

Cans of Soft Drinks (when not included in catering option)


£9.45 per person

£9.45 per person

£14.00 per person


Bill +£25.00 surcharge

(for 2 or less diners surcharge

is reduced to 20% of Bill)

£14.00 per bottle

£4.00 per bottle/can

£2.00 per bottle/can

For more detailed information, you can also download The Qualitative Lab brochure:

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