Facility Hire Rates

Single Groups

1.5-2 hours

Up to 2.5-3 hours

Consecutive Groups

2 x 1.5 hour groups

2 x 2 hour groups

2 x 2.5 hour groups

Hire for IDIs, Groups, Workshops etc.


Hire After 23.00 hours

Weekend Hire

Additional Briefing/debriefing

Daytime Meeting

Daytime (until 4.30pm)








Daytime & Evening: £1260

£180 per hour

           Charged at Evening Rates



Evening (Access from 5.00pm)









Hire charge includes:

  • MP4 Digital Filming (static camera) provided on USB and download link

  • Digital Audio recording (supplied on USB)

  • Internet access

  • Respondent reception room with tea, coffee and biscuits

  • Client viewing room with large one-way mirror and audio relay

  • Light and airy discussion room

  • Laptop>Large HD TV play facility

  • Setting up and closing down time: 30 minutes either side of groups

  • All stationary... from flip chart pads to post-it notes

  • Reasonable runs of black & white printing and copying 

  • A host to ensure everything runs smoothly for you, your clients and respondents throughout your booking

Audio Filming & Web-streaming Rates


  • MP4 HD Static Filming

        (supplied on USB on day/evening with emailed 

         password protected download link sent within 24 hrs)

  • Additional Copies of recordings on USB's

  • Professional Camera Operator and Equipment

Included in hire rate


£10 Each


TQL LIVE Web-streaming

  • Min charge

  • 2 x 1.5 hour groups

  • 2 x 2 hour groups

  • Max charge for complete day & eve






Catering and Refreshment Rates


  • Hire costs include the provision of water jugs, tea and coffee

  • Unlimited soft drinks are INCLUDED with all IN-HOUSE catering options


Breakfast: Croissants/muffins/pastries

Cake stand and savoury snacks incl. unlimited soft drinks

Fresh sandwiches and savoury snacks incl. soft drinks

Children’s biscuits and soft drinks

£6.00 per person

£6.00 per person

£9.45 per person

£3.15 per person


Breakfast: Croissant/muffins/pastries and fruit & fresh fruit juice

Cake stand: Cakes & biscuits, savoury snacks & fruit incl. unlimited soft drinks

Sandwiches: Fresh sandwiches, savoury snacks, fruit selection & unlimited soft drinks

Cold buffet: includes desert & unlimited soft drinks

Takeaway: Wide choice of takeaway options available



Soft Drinks


£7.35 per person

£9.45 per person

£14.00 per person

£19.00 per person

Bill +£25.00 surcharge

£12.60 per bottle

£3.15 per bottle/can

£1.50 per bottle/can

For more detailed information, you can also download The Qualitative Lab brochure: